Rehoboth Town Council installing prepaid water meters

20 Feb 2017 17:30pm
REHOBOTH, 20 FEB (NAMPA) - The Rehoboth Town Council (RTC) has started installing prepaid water meters in efforts to bring its NamWater debt down to more manageable levels.
RTC owes NamWater approximately N.dollars 26 million.
Chairperson of the Management Committee, Winston |Uirab told Nampa in an interview on Monday it is “historical debt”.
“People should know that this debt is historical as we inherited it from the previous administrations,” |Uirab said.
He said the council started installing prepaid water meters in the Block C and E residential areas on Monday.
The decision was taken based on business principles because residents in the two blocks are the biggest defaulters, he noted.
|Uirab said they want to bring their water bill down to a respectable level.
He also said people with debt should make arrangements with the town council to pay off the outstanding amounts before the meters are installed. They have to do so to enable them to get the new meters.
“The meters come with software which deducts a certain percentage of the old debt from the units when they buy water,” he said.
The town council plans to initially install 1 900 water meters in a drive to achieve sustainable water supply to poor communities with high water bills.
They plan to install prepaid water meters for the whole town.
“We need to do this to control our huge water bill,” |Uirab said.
He added that old, leaking underground water pipes also contribute to the debt.
NamWater last August cut Rehoboth’s water supply due to N.dollars 22 million owed to it.