Meat Board of Namibia appoints new members

17 Feb 2017 13:40pm
WINDHOEK, 17 FEB (NAMPA) – The Meat Board of Namibia has reappointed three of its 12 board members to serve until 2020.
Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, John Mutorwa inaugurated the new Board on Thursday, saying the members have been appointed with terms and conditions.
“You have been appointed to promote the national interests of the meat industry in and of the Republic of Namibia and beyond and not your narrow ‘at times selfish’ individual self-interests!”
Chairperson Patricia Gurubes, and her deputy, Archibald Norval, and ordinary member Floris van Niekerk were reappointed.
“I decided to retain only three persons from the previous outgoing Meat Board members for the sake of continuity and experience.”
The new members are Julene Meyer, Ramana Mutjavikua, Yvonne Howaes, Alfred Chilinda, Lucia Marius, Johannes Balzar, Rosa Katjivivena, Sikunawa Negumbo and Mary Kalangula.
Mutorwa called on the Board to defend and promote the interest of the respective organisation, as well as the meat industry in Namibia.
He explained that the veterinary cordon fence, which is recognised by the World Animal Health Organisation to maintain a disease-free southern zone, divides Namibia.
“The presence of trans-boundary animal diseases, such as Foot and Mouth Disease and Contagious Bovine Pleuro pneumonia, commonly known as lung sickness, are largely responsible for the lack of participation of this important sector of Namibia in the agricultural economy of the country,” said Mutorwa.
He said plans are underway for such a fence between Namibia and Angola following a Cabinet decision in 2015.
Mutorwa said consultations between and with the relevant political authorities of the two countries are ongoing.