Namibians urged to drop xenophobic tendencies

16 Feb 2017 18:40pm
WINDHOEK, 16 FEB (NAMPA) – Namibians have been urged to not practice any form of culture that promotes xenophobia.
Speaking during the official inauguration of the Namibia Express Travel and Tours Information Centre here on Thursday, Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism Tommy Nambahu said Namibians should not accuse or blame a foreign country or its nationals for crimes a few of them have committed.
Nambahu said Namibian leaders should not allow xenophobia to take root in the country and the nation should not discriminate against others, especially Chinese people.
He said there has always been a philosophy of welcoming others into Namibia, and the nation should keep this path open because many of them were and are still housed in other countries.
“We cannot allow this, we go to places like Beijing to promote our country and they take us in but in return we develop these tendencies against them,” he said.
Nambahu said Government has been accused of defending the Chinese when it comes to the issue of poaching, however “there is nothing wrong with defending foreign nationals because not all of them are guilty of the said crime”.
On the other hand, Nambahu said that while being diplomatic and inviting to foreigners, Namibia should equally be firm with its laws and not lenient when they commit crimes in the country.
He warned foreigners who enter the country to not come with the wrong motives, while urging Namibians to welcome foreigners with foreign investment, particular in the tourism industry.
Located in the Carl List building along Independence Avenue, the Namibia Express Travel and Tours Information Centre specialises in tours around the country, passenger and cargo transport services, and client accommodation bookings.