City Police warns vehicle garages

16 Feb 2017 18:40pm
WINDHOEK, 16 FEB (NAMPA) - City Police has warned motor vehicle garages to enforce stricter measures of verifying a person’s identity when releasing a serviced vehicle.
City Police Public Relations Officer, Fabian Amukwelele said Thursday in their weekly crime report it appears that criminals approach garages with knowledge on the owner and their vehicle.
“An unidentified person would pretend to have been sent by the owner to pick up the vehicle.”
He said City Police advises garages to adapt cautionary measures of validating clients’ credentials by requesting identification numbers before and after the vehicle is serviced.
Amukwelele said it’s the duty and responsibility of business owners to set up strict logistical measures to control and monitor vehicles booked in and out of garage facilities.
Regarding other types of crime in the capital, Amukwelele said assaults and street robberies remain a concern, with most incidents occurring on a daily basis in Eveline Street, Monte Christo Road and Havana informal settlement.
“A number of these cases occur during late and early morning hours mainly between 00:00 until 04:00.”
He therefore advised the public to be cautious as walking the streets during late night hours can create a possible opportunity for criminals to strike and walking while under the influence of alcohol is another factor that makes victims vulnerable to an attack.
Amukwelele added that with high definition CCTV cameras and City Police’s proactive crime prevention strategies, culprits are often caught in the act.