Lighting kills goats at Okorosave

15 Feb 2017 17:40pm
OKOROSAVE, 15 FEB (NAMPA) – A communal farmer at the Okorosave village lost 24 goats to lighting on Sunday afternoon.
Uakaindaiza Hepute told Nampa on Tuesday afternoon the goats were in a kraal when they were hit by lighting.
“I’m now left with only nine goats and have no means of sustaining my wife and children as they are surviving on goat milk,” an emotional Hepute said.
Hepute has six children.
Last year, another farmer lost over 300 goats that were washed away by water after heavy rain in the Opuwo Rural Constituency, while another farmer at the Ondore village on the outskirts of the regional capital also lost goats to lighting.