Naute date project employees get clean drinking water

15 Oct 2013 06:50am
NAUTE DAM, 15 OCT (NAMPA) – Employees of the Namibia Development Corporation (NDC)’s dates and grapes’ project at Naute Dam now have clean drinking water after years of using unpurified water.
The project is located some 40 kilometres south of Keetmanshoop in the //Karas Region.
In January 2012, some employees spoke to Nampa on condition of anonymity, and complained that the unpurified water made them and their children sick.
“Sometimes, people get diarrhoea here because of the water. It even gets worse when the filtered water is finished, and then we use dirty water earmarked for irrigation,” one worker told this news agency then.
Responding to Nampa’s queries on the water situation on Tuesday, the NDC Naute dates and grapes’ project manager Mous Boshoff confirmed that all employees now have purified, drinking water.
He said the company bought two purification machines in July this year, which are now used to purify water for about 340 employees.
Previously, drinking water used to be pumped from a natural dam into two tanks, and then from the tanks it would pass through a barrel with sand that filtered it before it got to the taps.
No purifying chemicals were added, leaving the water unfit for human consumption.
“We bought the two purifying plants for an amount of N.dollars 550 000. Because it is very expensive to supply clean water, the purified water is only used for drinking, and not for cooking and washing clothes. For that, the employees use unpurified water,” Boshoff explained.
Earlier this year, the project was also extended with 20 hectares of table grape vineyards, with the Ministry of Trade and Industry making N.dollars 20 million available for this project.
Furthermore, the accommodation problem faced by employees at the same project is being solved with the addition of two new single quarters’ units under construction and nearing completion soon.
The new units have 16 rooms, where four people would share one room with a shower and toilet.
At the moment, six employees share one room in the four old single quarters’ units, where one unit of 16 rooms is sharing two toilets and two showers.
These old units were also renovated to make sure that they are in a good condition.