Shambyu chief nominee dies

14 Feb 2017 08:30am
RUNDU, 14 FEB (NAMPA) – Maria Kuyanda Joachim, who was locked in a battle with Sofia Mundjembe Kanyetu over the chieftainship of the Shambyu tribe, has died.
The 57-year-old Joachim died suddenly Sunday evening at the Rundu State Hospital, family spokesperson Wencislaus Kudumo told Nampa on Monday.
Kudumo said she complained of pain in her left leg since Thursday.
She was first treated at the Rundu Medical Centre that day and then transferred to the Rundu State Hospital on Sunday because the medical centre does not have machines to assist with difficulty in breathing.
She passed away a few minutes after arrival there.
The late Joachim was the principal of Ncgancgana Primary School in the Kavango West Region.
Two factions - the Mwengere and the Mukwahepo’s from different sections of the Shambyu royal lineage - are locked in a bitter dispute over who should be installed as chief to succeed Angeline Matumbo Ribebe, who died in June 2015.
According to sources, Joachim from the Mukwahepo faction was allegedly given an approval letter by the Minister of Urban and Rural Development Sophia Shaningwa to succeed Ribebe.
The Mwengere faction, however, claim Ribebe left a verbal will that Sofia Mundjembe Kanyetu should be chief and she was thus coronated as tradition dictates.
An investigation team from the ministry was sent to look into the matter but the findings and the minister’s decision have not been made public yet.
Joachim leaves behind her husband, Johannes Joachim, five children and eight grandchildren.