Oshana DTA chairperson demands support for Venaani

14 Oct 2013 18:10pm
ONDJODJO, 14 OCT (NAMPA) – The Chairperson of the DTA of Namibia in the Oshana Region, Igenus Daniel has called on members and sympathisers of the DTA to offer the party’s new president McHenry Venaani full support for the success of the DTA.
Daniel made the call in an interview with Nampa at the Okatana Constituency’s Ondjodjo village in the Oshana Region on Sunday.
He claimed that some individuals of the DTA who supported other candidates during the party’s elective Central Committee (CC) gathering in Windhoek last month, remain reluctant to rally behind Venaani.
Venaani replaced former DTA president, Katuutire Kaura as the new head of the DTA of Namibia in September this year.
Daniel wants all members of the DTA to refrain from harbouring personal interests, but to instead make the interest of the party a priority.
“The DTA under the old leadership faced a decrease of seats in Parliament - from 21 seats at independence to only two seats today. Why can we not fully support Venaani and give him the necessary assistance to revive the party?” he demanded to know.
Daniel further said sabotage by DTA members towards Venaani’s election as the new leader will not take the party anywhere.
According to him, even Kaura, who lost the election to Venaani, is democratically obliged to rally behind the new DTA president if the party is to be successful in the Presidential and National Assembly elections next year.
Daniel also wants to see members and supporters, who supported the DTA in the 1989 elections, to return to the party.
These members and supporters, Daniel said, are ex-Koevoet and Southwest Africa Territory Forces (SWATF) members, who are not recognised by the ruling Swapo Party as war veterans.
He alleged that many ex-soldiers of the colonial military forces have deserted the DTA to join Swapo and new political organisations, yet they are still deprived of the benefits enjoyed by ex-soldiers of the Swapo Party.
“Let us unite as a one family of the DTA and shun the tendency of factions within the party at all costs,” Daniel suggested.