Helao Nafidi Mayor supports PPP Bill

12 Feb 2017 14:30pm
WINDHOEK, 12 FEB (NAMPA) - Helao Nafidi Mayor, Eliaser Nghipangelwa has thrown his weight behind the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Bill, currently in the National Assembly.
The Bill, which was tabled in the National Assembly last November and adopted by the National Council (NC) on 01 December 2016, aims to explore avenues to build mutually beneficial partnerships for sustainable growth.
It also seeks to regulate how private entities fund public infrastructure and services.
Nghipangelwa said once it becomes law, the bill will result in more serviced land in urban areas to cater for the vast majority of landless Namibians.
He dismissed allegations that his council was among those that rejected the Bill during the hearing on Monday.
It was reported that Helao Nafidi Town Council, City Citizenship Trust, Omaheke Regional Council, and Nedbank Namibia rejected the Bill citing lack of extensive consultation with all local authorities.
Nghipangelwa said local authorities with limited fund allocations from the government through the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development will not be able to service land alone in their towns.
The servicing of land will include the installation of water and electricity lines and construction of roads.
He explained that the two partners, through the PPP, will be able to combine funds in order to deliver much needed services
Nghipangelwa stressed that his town council has enough land, but such land has not been serviced because of a lack of money.
He said 500 people in the town are waiting to get serviced land and construct affordable houses.
“We have two extensions which we are servicing now but considering the budget allocations, we will not make it without the PPP efforts,” Nghipangelwa said.
Nghipangelwa noted that through PPP, young Namibians will benefit in case of job creation and housing allocations.
The mayor said the town council had invited the potential investors for presentations on land servicing and how to make land and subsequently houses affordable in the town.
Thus, he said the town council is hoping for the PPP Bill to go through in order to involve investors in delivering serviced land.