Pastor's bail hearing postponed

11 Feb 2017 10:30am
ONDANGWA, 11 FEB (NAMPA) – The bail hearing of Pastor Pedro Marcelino Moussongela, founder of the Evangelical Mennonite Brethren Church in Namibia, has once again been postponed.
Moussongela faces three charges of rape, kidnapping and human trafficking.
He was accused of kidnapping and trafficking his own and his late wife's children to Europe.
He was also accused of having incestuous relations with one of his children, out of which a child was born.
Moussongela appeared before Magistrate Jurina Hochobes in the Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court last month, who postponed the bail hearing to 08 and 09 February 2017 for further cross examination, with Prosecutor Dollien //Gowases representing the State.
The trial could however not proceed on Wednesday due to the offical opening of the legal year which took place on the same day. On Thursday, the court had many other proceedings to complete on the same day, according to a source.
The pastor's bail hearing has been postponed to 23 and 24 March.
He has been held at the Oluno correctional facility in Ondangwa since June 2016.
Moussongela has two other pending cases in the Ohangwena Region and Windhoek.
The State prosecutor noted in earlier court sessions that what Moussongela is charged with are serious offenses and he does not deserve bail.
She also said the pastor previously allegedly contacted two State witnesses during his incarceration, asking one of them to withdraw the case against him and the other to “help him win the case as they are both foreigners and need to help one another”.
“This is why the State fears granting you this bail, because you have already broken some of the conditions,” said //Gowases.
Moussongela is represented by defence lawyer Tuwilika Shailemo.