Lack of education hampers employing struggle kids

10 Feb 2017 16:20pm
WINDHOEK, 10 FEB (NAMPA) – Recruiting ‘Children of the Liberation Struggle’ is hampered by their lack of education, said Swapo-party Secretary-General (SG), Nangolo Mbumba.
The SG met with the 'struggle kids' on Thursday at the party’s headquarters and afterwards told a media conference the majority of them do not have qualifications.
Mbumba said it pains him to see them camping at the party’s offices, “but my tears won’t solve the problem”.
He said the struggle kids are demanding the procedure of recruitment to be done their way but Government has procedures to follow.
He is to meet with them again on Monday to negotiate and look at solutions to resolve the issue.
The 200-member group began camping at the headquarters on Wednesday evening, in anticipation of a response to a third petition submitted to George Simataa, Cabinet secretary, last month.
Many of them said their plea for employment has not been heard, and their leaders have been in talks with Government but with no results.
One of the group leaders, Erastus Malakia, said they are tired of empty promises and even if they are sent for training, it won’t help because what they want is employment to help their families.
“Some of us are too old to go for training; they must just give us jobs,” he said.
The group was last year offered civic training but most refused, saying it was not part of their agreement.
The civic training is one of three programmes offered by the National Youth Service and focuses on improving discipline among trainees; inculcating a sense of patriotism; and developing individuals with good physical and mental endurance, exemplary morale and ethical character and integrity.