Govt needs money to invigorate energy sector: Kandjoze

06 Feb 2017 19:00pm
WINDHOEK, 06 FEB (NAMPA) – The Namibian Government is in need of money to invigorate the energy sector and to initiate strategic energy projects that enable Namibian people to prosper, Minister of Mines and Energy Obeth Kandjoze has said.
In a statement read on his behalf during the opening of the second national stakeholder workshop on a Draft National Energy Policy on Monday, the minister said Government cannot do it alone.
“We must all realise that the Government cannot shoulder the immense investment requirements in the country’s energy sector alone.”
Thus, Kandjoze reminded potential investors that Namibia is open for business and Government welcomes investments in the energy sector.
He said the private sector will play an important role in meeting the country’s energy needs, developing expertise, driving innovation and contributing to national development efforts.
There is therefore a need for a National Energy Policy that will stipulate guidelines on how to use national energy resources to further the development of all Namibians.
Kandjoze said the Government will create national circumstances that result in the development and use of a sustainable national energy mix to provide secure and affordable access to modern energy for all.
“This necessitates efficient, regulated and diversified markets that focus on people’s needs, while benefiting from Namibia’s considerable local energy endowments.”
According to the Draft National Energy Policy on electricity generation, Government has resolved to enhance the security of supply through the effective use of locally available energy resources, while also leveraging regional opportunities.
Government also resolved to ensure that transmission losses are managed, based on the best practice, and electric water heaters be phased out and replaced with solar water heating systems.
The mainstreaming of solar thermal technologies will be done under legal, regulatory and technical instruments.
For the electrification of rural areas and commercial access there, Government intends promoting opportunities for businesses in the areas to play a role in sustaining investment to provide modern energy services to rural institutions and businesses.
The first workshop on a Draft National Energy Policy was conducted in August 2016 and the policy is expected to be finalised by March this year.
More than 100 stakeholders’ representatives participated in the second one-day workshop.