Rain cause havoc at Omaruru

02 Feb 2017 16:40pm
By Dirck Kuzatjike
OMARURU, 02 FEB (NAMPA) - At least 20 houses in Omaruru lost their roofs due to strong wind and rain accompanied by hail on Wednesday evening.
This violent weather left many buildings without roofs, forcing people to search for temporary shelter for the night.
The entire roof over a block of classrooms at the Ubasen Primary School was blown off.
Principal Amalia Goses told Nampa on Thursday that over N.dollars 50 000 worth of copy paper was damaged by rain after the winds blew the roof off.
A boundary fence of the Namibia Development Corporation Incubation Centre, currently under construction, was also blown away.
Erongo Red was working overtime to replace roofs to their various substations.
The heaviest damage to property was observed in the Ozondje residential area, particularly, among houses of the Build Together housing scheme.
Most of the affected homeowners are angry, claiming to have reported the poor quality of the houses and their structural defects to the local municipality but nothing was done about it.
These houses were constructed by contractors appointed by the Omaruru Municipality during the past council’s tenure.
Barminus Swartbooi of the Omaruru Concerned Group said it is time for contractors to be called back and fix their workmanship.
“Government cannot be robbed all the time like this; the community has been talking about this bad work for long while highly connected friends benefit,” said Swartbooi.
Joel Murotua, another community member, said the houses are not fit for human habitation due to poor workmanship.
“We know that most of the bricks used to construct these houses were not given enough time to dry and contractors were rushing to complete many houses,” he said.
Murotua urged the community to stand together and seek legal advice on how to deal with the matter.
Namibian Meteorological Service and Namibia Weather Network could not provide this agency with rainfall readings of Wednesday evening, but residents who measured the rainfall, estimated between 18 and 19 millimetres of rain.
Phone calls seeking comment from Omaruru Mayor, Hendrina Gebhardt and Acting CEO Elifas Amunyela went unanswered and text messages were not replied.