City Police to test pedestrians for alcohol

02 Feb 2017 16:20pm
By Linea Dishena
WINDHOEK, 02 FEB (NAMPA) – The City Police will in future test pedestrians involved in road accidents for alcohol in their blood.
This is a standard procedure regularly enforced on drivers involved in road accidents.
City Police Spokesperson, Edmund Khoaseb told Nampa on Wednesday a large number of accidents are a result of negligence on the part of both pedestrians and drivers. He explained that breathalyser tests will be conducted on pedestrains who surive the accidents.
Khoaseb said most road accidents involving pedestrians occur over the weekend, particularly late at night after bars and other drinking outlets have closed.
“Most of the time the victims are coming from bars and under the influence of alcohol, which makes it difficult for them to fully concentrate on the road,” he said.
Khoaseb said some pedestrians also do not adhere to the laws of the road such as crossing at designated pedestrian crossing points or look out for oncoming traffic.
He added that drivers tend to be inattentive or are distracted while driving, sometimes at a speed above the limit, especially in the vicinity of schools. Many drivers also do not stop at pedestrian crossings.
He said the City Police will soon embark upon an intensive campaign to educate pedestrians on how to cross the road responsibly, and pedestrians found crossing the road where there is no provision made, will be fined.
Khoaseb said such accidents are preventable if both drivers and pedestrians become more attentive when using the road.
On 20 January, two women were hit by the same vehicle and sustained slight injuries when they crossed the Western Bypass.
A day later, a 26-year-old man died on the spot after he was run over by a car near the Mix settlement outside Windhoek.
On 22 January, a four-year-old girl sustained slight injuries when she was run over by a vehicle on the corner of Lucia and Eveline streets.
On Wednesday, a seven-year-old learner of the Tobias Hainyeko Primary School was run over by a car in Julius Nyerere Street. He died later in the hospital.
The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) in October last year presented statistics that 147 pedestrians were killed on Namibian roads, while 832 were injured in 901 pedestrian-related crashes between 01 January 2016 and 04 October 2016.