Man jailed for 32 years for stepdaughter's murder

31 Jan 2017 15:40pm
WINDHOEK, 31 JAN (NAMPA) - A 54-year-old man found guilty of the rape and murder of his 18-year-old stepdaughter in the Mariental District in September 2013, was on Tuesday sent to jail for 32 years.
David Kido was arrested on 19 September 2013 at Farm Jakkalsfontein in the Hardap Region, following the death of Izelda Kock.
Kido was on 26 November 2016 found guilty of rape, murder with direct intention to kill, and defeating or obstructing the course of administration of justice after he had shoved the remains of the girl into an aardvark burrow before reporting her as missing to the police.
He was further found guilty on two counts of assault with an intention to cause grievous bodily harm for beating the deceased person and her young friend a few days before he committed the rape and murder.
On the count of murder with direct intention to kill, Kido was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment of which three years were suspended for a period of five years on condition that he is not found guilty of murder or any other related offence during the period of suspension.
He got 12 years on the charge of rape and five years on the count of obstructing or defeating the course of the administration of justice.
On the last two counts of assault, Kido was jailed one year on each count.
Seven years of the sentence imposed on rape and the whole sentences imposed on the counts of obstructing or defeating the course of justice and those of assaults were all ordered to run concurrently with the punishment of the murder charge.
Kido, who now uses a wheelchair for mobility, was thus sent to jail for an effective 32 years.
The late Kock was sent to Kido by her mother to help him with household chores, because the mother (Kido's wife) had given birth just before that and could therefore not do such chores.
Kido reported the girl as missing to the police in efforts to cover his tracks and went to see a local witchdoctor in the area seeking advice and protection.
The witchdoctor, however, informed police officers in Mariental that a certain man had visited him and had told him he had killed a person and was pleading for help to cover up the murder.
The police immediately suspected Kido, and went to the farm to search for the girl. Kido then showed them where the corpse was hidden.
Police found the body buried in an aardvark burrow of about two to three metres deep.
Kock was found naked from the waist down.
Kido told the police upon arrest that he had raped and beaten the girl to death with an iron bar and buried her because he was afraid she would tell her mother.
Advocate Cliff Litubezi appeared for State.
Titus Mbaeva defended Kido.