Positive Attitude To Education Pays Off

31 Jan 2017 15:00pm
By Linea Dishena

WINDHOEK, 31 JAN (NAMPA) – Only perseverance yields positive results, said Fiina Nambambi who was ranked the 10th overall best performer in the 2016 National Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) Ordinary Level examinations.
The 18-year-old a former learner at the Haimbili Haufiku Secondary School (SS) in the Ohangwena Region shared her story of success with Nampa recently. Nine St Boniface College learners make up the rest of the top 10 best performance.
Nambambi started her secondary education (from Grade 8) in 2012 at St Boniface College, situated 35 kilometres east of Rundu in the Kavango East Region.
This school is known for its consecutive best performance at NSSC Ordinary Level through discipline but during her Grade 11 year-end examinations in 2015, Nambambi did not perform well in some subjects.
She earned a U symbol in Mathematics, E in Physical Science and D in Biology, which according to the school’s policy, meant that she had to repeat the academic year.
Nambambi instead completed Grade 12 at Haimibili Haufiku SS, where the learning and social setting was different but that did not bother her at all.
“It did not shift me at all because everywhere I go, I develop a positive attitude,” said Nambambi.
The girl who grew up in Oshakati said despite her positive attitude that brought the success, there were times she was like any other learner and demotivated by some challenges.
“I hated waking up every morning to prepare for school just like many of us but because of my strong positive attitude, I managed.”
She stressed that knowing where she comes from and what she wants to achieve in life was the source of her motivation.
As the eldest of three, the self-motived Nambambi took it upon herself to set an example.
Her mother, a nurse, and her pastor father encouraged her to value education as the “key to everything”.
Making it through Grade 12, Nambambi said was not as easy as it required commitment to the books and the application of study materials with teachers’ assistance.
“I asked for help where I did not understand and different study resources also helped me as well.”
All that effort paid off in the end when Nambambi earned 46 points in six subjects and 40 in five.
This also earned her a once-off grant of N.dollars 20 000 from Henry Shimutwikeni & Co Inc Law Firm through the University of Namibia (UNAM) Foundation, to assist her in paying registration fees, books and transport.
Henry Shimutwikeni, who hails from the Ohangwena Region, said after learning through the media of Nambambi being the only learner from Haimbili Haufiku SS in the national top 10, he was propelled to offer the grant.
“I did my research about her and I was very disappointed to find out that her funding for studies was not guaranteed, which contributed to her selection as the beneficiary,” said Shimutwikeni told Nampa.
Shimutwikeni said that as a UNAM graduate himself, he understood being in the circumstance of not having secured funding for tertiary education but nevertheless overcoming the obstacle to achieve a dream.
“The importance is to encourage not only her but also those who she left behind to do good, and also to encourage those who are in better positions than us to support students, not only the top students but students in general,” he said.
Nambambi will study Pharmaceutical Science at UNAM, funded by the Namibia Students’ Financial Assistance Fund.
“I want to become a pharmacist so that one day I know how to produce medicine and own my own pharmacy,” said Nambambi.
She encouraged other Grade 12 learners to not give up and spend more time with their books.
“No dream is too big to achieve if you put your mind to it,” said Nambambi.