City Police clamps down on illegal car washes

25 Jan 2017 19:10pm
WINDHOEK, 25 JAN (NAMPA) – City of Windhoek (CoW) on Wednesday conducted a joint operation with City Police targeting illegal car wash businesses in the capital.
City Police Head of Crime Prevention, Superintendent Gerry Shikesho told Nampa the clampdown on such unregistered businesses is a routine operation.
The operation started at the Katutura Single Quarters, where it was found that most car washes don’t have a Certificate of Fitness/Registration for such operations.
The unregistered business owners were each fined N.dollars 1 000, whilst car wash operators encroaching municipal land had water and electricity disconnected.
“It is a violation of the law when one is operating on a portion of municipal land,” Shikesho said.
A total of 19 fines were issued by 15h00 on Wednesday.
According to CoW bi-laws, all businesses should be registered by providing documents of information a business plan; plans of a building from which the business intends to operate, with a clear indication of its drainage system; and the intended hours of operation.
“Most of these infrastructures are on the municipal reserve road and most of these car washes are subletting,” said Shikesho.
A great number of car wash businesses, he said, rely on an illegally connected water and electricity supply.
Municipal bi-laws stipulate that each car wash business should have its own source of electricity and water.
According to an official from the municipality, illegal car washes are having an effect on the water cycle of Windhoek.
He said CoW uses recycled water but as illegal car wash businesses operate without the necessary infrastructure, the water does not re-enter the system for recycling.
“Water runs in the streets instead of running through the drainage for recycling,” he said.
An audit done in September 2016 by City Police recorded 20 legal car wash businesses in Windhoek, whilst about 300 car washes operate illegally.
The clampdown on illegal car wash businesses will continue until March.