Ongwediva keeps illegal grazing under control

20 Jan 2017 10:20am
ONGWEDIVA, 20 JAN (NAMPA) – The Ongwediva Town Council is working hard to avoid livestock grazing inside town boundaries and damaging property.
Various media reports over the years illustrate the situation in words and pictures of cattle, goats and sheep roaming the town’s streets for grass or anything palatable. The situation had by May 2016 reached an uncontrollable state and had the council impound the roving livestock.
Ongwediva Town Council Public Relations Officer, Jackson Muma told Nampa on Thursday the council has managed to bring the situation under control and their patrol efforts are paying off.
“We impounded about 80 cattle on 28 December 2016 because despite being aware that council prohibits the grazing of animals inside the town, they (cattle owners) have developed a strategy of bringing these animals at night.”
Muma said the council has since last year implemented a routine of shifts that enables council staff to work after hours and ensure that animals are controlled.
The confiscated livestock are kept at the council’s kraal in Elyambala, from which owners are expected to collect them and pay a fee for the number of days the animals were kept there.
Farmers are charged N.dollars 25.66 per cow or donkey plus a feeding fee of N.dollars 19.28 per day. Looking after smaller livestock costs N.dollars 18.12 per goat or sheep plus N.dollars 11.74 for feeding.
“We have had help from community members, especially during the festive season, to help us drive out these animals, as both they and the council were on the lookout to ensure that these animals do not damage people’s vehicles and plants.”
Muma said the number of animals impounded is unknown due the fact that owners are collecting their animals on a daily basis, but their movements have been minimised and council aims to maintain and reduce the situation of roaming livestock.