Walvis residents retract sit-in protest

12 Jan 2017 17:00pm
WALVIS BAY, 12 JAN (NAMPA) - A planned sit-in protest by residents of Walvis Bay in front of the municipality building was Wednesday retracted because the local authority refused them permission to demonstrate.
A total of 3 360 residents have indicated their willingness to stage the peaceful demonstration in protest of alleged corruption in the Walvis Bay Town Council.
They say some councillors are allegedly involved in corrupt land deals and self-enrichment.
Community activist, Kenneth Iilonga who leads the group, confirmed the call-off to Nampa on Thursday.
“Since the municipal council of Walvis Bay, like any other, has the duty to safeguard public property and public open spaces, it opposes the granting of permission to Kenneth Iilonga and his group of supporters to occupy such property or space for camping purposes,” the municipality’s public relations manager, Kevin Adams said on Thursday.
He said they requested police assistance in the matter and also asked them to advise the group on the best options to approach the issue.
Iilonga said the retraction was made after his meeting with Erongo Regional Police Commander Commissioner, Andreas Nelumbu on Wednesday.
The community activist said they will now seek an audience with the councillors and Regional Governor, Cleophas Mutjavikua on Saturday to get answers.
Nelumbu said as long as the municipality is against the plan, he will do what is expected of him, which is to keep them off the property.
The police also reasoned that a sit-in protest is not safe.
This, they said, is because there could be theft and damage to public property when many people are gathered at one place.