Learner registration in Kunene underway

10 Jan 2017 12:00pm
OPUWO, 10 JAN (NAMPA) – Schools in Kunene are struggling to keep up with the demand for space for learners, with some forced to take in almost double the amount of children they can actually accommodate.
One such school is the Opuwo Primary School, which has the capacity to accommodate 700 learners, but has so far registered 1 200 learners for this academic year.
School principal, Albert Tjiuma told Nampa on Tuesday the growing number of learners in the region is forcing the school to exceed their capacity.
“The school has 39 teachers and each classroom has 35 learners. Due to the shortage of classrooms we have two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon,” Tjiuma said.
Periods are cut by about 10 minutes to ensure that both sections are accommodated, which in turn means the completion of the curriculum by teachers is affected.
“Learners also have to walk very early from far to be at school at 07h00 and some areas are dangerous,” a worried Tjiuma said.
Another problem is that parents ignore the application process.
Opuwo circuit inspector, Chris Tjivikua told this agency parents do not apply for spaces for their children at the end of the year, which delays the commencement of the teaching process at the beginning of the year when registration has to be sorted.
“While teaching is to start tomorrow, teachers will be bothered by parents who still are trying to have their children registered. This not only affects the school’s performance as teachers may run behind schedule with the curriculum, but also affects the learners as some learners may go without classes for weeks,” the inspector said.
The principal of Putuavanga Senior Secondary School, Wayne Tjipueja echoed Tjiuma's sentiments.
Tjipueja, who heads one of the best performing schools in the Kunene Region, says at times parents do not apply but want their children to attend the best schools.
“The other challenge we face is learners who passed Grade 10 through Namcol who have to do Grade 11,” he said.
Classes are expected to commence countrywide on Wednesday.