Car rental businesses smile to the bank

03 Jan 2017 10:10am
WINDHOEK, 01 JAN (NAMPA) - Car rental companies in Windhoek are raking in the dollars due to the influx of local and international travellers needing cars during the festive season.
Some car rental businesses Nampa spoke expressed satisfaction about the frequency in which their cars are booked and collected daily, while a few complained of a drop in profit.
None of them were willing to disclose their profits but it is not too hard to estimate, with a sports utility vehicle (SUV) costing around N.dollars 1 100 per day depending on the number of days one books a car for.
Branch Manager of Avis Car Rentals, Jeanne Oswald, said business during this year’s festive season is better than last year.
Windhoek's Bidvest car rental subsidiary echoed the same sentiment, saying that ever since they changed their name from Budget Car Rentals in 2015, business has been going well for them.
Budget Car Rentals is an American franchise established in the 1950s and Bidvest is a South African group of companies.
Unfortunately, not all car rental companies earned large profits on the holiday rush.
Windhoek Dollar Thrifty car rental company, another American franchise, said they experienced a fall in rentals over the past year, most likely because of price increases due to fluctuation of international oil prices.
Nadia de Koe, a rental agent at Dollar Thrifty, said the branch in Namibia has little control to increase rental prices, because their head office in South Africa decides on that.
Vehicles ranging from station wagons to pickups are available for rent in Namibia, and locals renting vehicles for family trips appear to be becoming more popular, but why?
“People rent cars from us rather than using their own to save on maintenance costs,” said Zenia Brandt, branch manager at Bidvest Car Rental.