Zimbabweans vendors capitalise on festive season at the coast

31 Dec 2016 11:00am
By Paulus Shiku
DOLPHIN PARK, 31 DEC (NAMPA) – The festive season in Namibia brings business opportunities to many, but most notable are Zimbabweans selling in front of Dolphin Park - one of the main attractions for families along the popular coast.
Located between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, Dolphin Park has a pool and water slides for adults and children.
By lunch hour, the water park is packed with families enjoying the Namibian sun, while Zimbabweans are scattered outside the establishment and capitalising on the opportunity of Namibians on holiday, but most importantly, with that hard earned bonus to splash on family entertainment.
There are more than seven of the foreign nationals in one place selling a variety of inflatable toys for the swimming pool and head umbrellas for the vicious Namibian sun.
Their willingness to not relax and enjoy the festive season is evidently spurred on by the need to sell and make money to feed themselves and possibly a family.
“I found out there are a lot of people here so I came to sell my stuff. I make good profit,” Savior Kachuta told Nampa on Friday.
She travelled all the way from Rehoboth to sit in the sun and make business.
Kachuta said she made N.dollars 4 500 profit on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when the park was packed to the brim.
In Namibia since June, she heard from friends about the business opportunities this time of the year along the coast and decided to come.
The profit, she says, is sent home to Zimbabwe where she supports family members before she buys more stock from South Africa.
Kachuta is glad to at the moment not have children because of her financial status, but is optimistic of it being part of her future.
Also optimistic is 25-year-old Frank Duvura, who says the sun is shining in his wallet.
“Business is very good here, if it was not we will not be here at all,” he said.
He noted that he has been along the coast for six years and life is better in Namibia compared to Zimbabwe because business is not good for ordinary people like him.
“I cannot complain at all, things are well. I make N.dollars 600 to 800 profit a day from here,” Duvura said before he ran to assist a client.
After the rush during the festive season, Duvura heads to Walvis Bay where he sells other products such as crafts and clothes.
Clive Mochahacha, 20, arrived here in November and he said business is also good here as there is nothing for him to do at home.
He said his profit is N.dollars 200 to 300 a day because his stock is small.
All vendors Nampa spoke to stay in Walvis Bay.
They catch a taxi every morning to come do business at Dolphin Park where they are not charged for selling on the municipal premises.