More Angolans want to study in Namibia

30 Dec 2016 15:30pm
WINDHOEK, 30 DEC (NAMPA) - More Angolan students have applied to study in Namibia next year.
Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration Spokesperson, Salome Kambala announced at a media briefing on Wednesday that so far, 1 012 Angolan nationals have applied to study at various institutions of higher learning here.
Kambala said the ministry has over the past two years recorded a 15 per cent increase of Angolan students interested to study in Namibia. She could, however, not provide exact figures for the past two years.
Kambala said most of these students choose to study in Namibia because the environment is conducive to learning.
However, she noted that some of these students upon completion of their studies stay and work in Namibia while still on a study permit, which is illegal.
“We do not swap a study visa for a work visa; people should go back to their countries once they complete their studies and apply for work visas from there,” she explained.
Kambala emphasised that Namibians are the ones helping those Angolans stay here illegally, by renting out houses to them.
She thus appealed to all Namibians to assist the government by reporting such illegal immigrants to the nearest police station or immigration offices.