Let us 'Harambee' during Christmas: Geingob

25 Dec 2016 09:20am
WINDHOEK, 25 DEC (NAMPA) - President Hage Geingob, in his annual Christmas message, called on all Namibians to be compassionate by remembering the lonely, hungry and downtrodden.
Geingob said although Christmas is a time of jubilation and coming together with loved ones, it is also a time to reflect on our interaction with people we do not know.
“As we celebrate with our families and loved ones, let us be reminded that this is the season to reflect on how we treat strangers in our midst. There is no purpose to kindness, love or charity if it is only extended to those we know or those who speak our language or look like us,” Geingob said in a media statement Saturday.
The President said Christmas exemplifies the spirit of the Harambee Prosperity Plan and pulling together as a nation because every contribution can go a long way towards manifesting the 'Namibian House'.
He called on Namibians to respect each other, uproot the scourge of Gender Based Violence from communities and be cautious during the festive season.
“As we head out to our homes and favourite holiday destinations countrywide, let us exercise extreme discipline and caution on our roads, so that we ensure that they are roads that lead to happiness and not roads that lead to despair.”
Acknowledging their importance, Geingob thanked all personnel of emergency services, law enforcement agencies, the health system and every uniformed personnel serving the nation for their contribution towards maintaining order and saving lives.
“I wish you all a joyful and peaceful Christmas!”