CORRECTION: Omaruru elderly treated to lunch

24 Dec 2016 16:20pm

(OMARURU 24 DEC NAMPA) – About 350 senior citizens of Omaruru were yesterday treated to early Christmas gifts by a Swakopmund-based mining logistics entrepreneur and chairperson of the Namibia Premier League.
Known in the community as JJD, Johnny Doeseb has been extending a helping hand for the past six years by inviting the senior citizens to the Omaruru Community Hall and providing each with a bag of groceries for the festive season.
Handing over the parcels, Doeseb said this time of the year is unique because it is when people show gratitude and in particular, towards senior citizens, for their contribution towards nation-building and raising children.
He said 2016 has not been an easy year.
“It has been a difficult year for most of us, especially those who lost loved ones.”
This year’s parcels for the elderly included maize, rice, pasta, sugar, hot beverages, canned fish and jam. “These gifts are on behalf of every Marubian, young and old - a sign of gratitude.”
His reference to residents of Omaruru as Marubians is a common term and slang in the community.
One of the beneficiaries, Bernhardt Tjivikua spoke on behalf of the senior citizens and thanked Doeseb for his annual aid that assists the elderly in accommodating their extended family during difficult times.
“This son of ours, always comes to our assistance in this time.”
Nampa spoke to another beneficiary, Adelheid Goabas, who said despite them only receiving the parcel of groceries once per year, it makes a big difference in the lives of pensioners who rely on the social grant from State.
“Some of the elderlies have many children and grandchildren who still depend on them and for JJD to extend a hand to us means a lot.”
Doeseb told Nampa he will not elaborate on the value of the gifts, as its gesture from the heart and that is all that matters.