Grade 10 pass mark of 23 is too low: Hanse-Himarwa

21 Dec 2016 12:20pm
WINDHOEK, 21 DEC (NAMPA) - The Minister of Education, Arts and Culture is concerned with the pass mark of 23 points for Grade 10, saying it is too low.
Katrina Hanse-Himarwa was speaking during the announcement of the Grade 10 and Grade 12 Higher Level results here on Tuesday.
The pass mark can be obtained with a minimum of five D symbols and an E symbol.
“D has been regarded as an average point all over and E below average; now does this mean we are happy with a pass mark of 23 which has been acquired through average and below average performance?” Hanse-Himarwa questioned.
She said this pass mark has stagnated for the past 16 years.
“We need to work harder, we need to bring in quality and there needs to be a change for the better,” the minister said.
Hanse-Himarwa noted that when she recently brought up the idea of changing the pass mark from 23 to 27, everyone was in a panic mode.
“Think and sleep over it and come back with an answer whether we want to pass as average and below average people,” Hanse-Himarwa requested all stakeholders including teachers, parents and the ministry responsible.
She is confident that leaners can do much better as there are some who perform well above average.
“I am seriously considering it (increasing the pass mark) and it is still in the process of discussions,” she said.
Hanse-Himarwa promised that there will be a “shift” before her term is over.
A total of 50 012 candidates comprising 38 277 full-time and 11 735 part-time candidates were registered for the 2016 JSC examinations at 706 junior secondary schools and 144 part-time tuition centres.
A 56 per cent per cent pass rate was recorded for 2016, compared to last year’s 54 per cent.
A total of 1 023 more students qualify for Grade 11 in 2017.