Omaruru water woes worsening

21 Dec 2016 11:20am
By Dirck Kuzatjike
OMARURU, 21 DEC (NAMPA) - More areas in Omaruru are now without water.
Residents throng any available tap which is still giving water, especially at the municipal offices and Omaruru Museum, hoping rain will come soon.
The town is facing water use restrictions since July after the available boreholes can no longer provide sufficient water.
Through the restrictions, the municipality provides water for two hours in the morning and evening to enable sufficient pumping of water. However, the water pressure was not able to reach high lying areas, especially in Ozondje.
Other areas water could not reach are Hakahana - a sprawling settlement – and several Build Together and Shack Dwellers housing schemes.
In the meantime, the municipality is providing residents with water from a 3 000 litre fire brigade truck at three spots in Ozondje.
Barminus Swartbooi of the Omaruru Concerned Group said the manner in which water is distributed is not effective as many elderly and people with disabilities return home every day without water.
“The water is not enough and fighting over water has become an everyday thing,” Swarbooi told Nampa on Tuesday.
He said that regardless of the current drought, Omaruru has sufficient underground water sources that should have been exploited if there was planning.
Swartbooi echoed concerns raised by several local non-governmental organisations, including the NCCI, Omaruru Residents Association over the years that the municipality was not efficiently managing its water resources.
Acting CEO of the Omaruru Municipality, Elifas Amunyela told this agency the municipality is busy setting up 6 000 litre tanks at four designated spots in Ozondje to provide pre-paid water for those affected.
“Unfortunately we only have the fire brigade truck to fill those water tanks,” Amunyela said.
The municipality intends to haul water from a newly drilled borehole while waiting for piping ordered from South Africa. The piping which will be used to connect the new borehole to the town’s water system. It is expected to arrive early next year and connection is scheduled for mid-next year.
Amunyela said the municipality was hoping to secure several water tankers to transport the water but this, however, failed as most offices are vacant because of the festive season.