World Food Day celebrated at Kanubeb

21 Dec 2016 08:32am
KANUBEB, 18 DEC (NAMPA) – The village of Kanubeb in the Windhoek Rural Constituency on Saturday celebrated World Food Day belatedly.
World Food Day is celebrated worldwide on 16 October annually. This year’s theme is ‘Climate is changing. Food and Agriculture must too’.
Windhoek Rural Regional Councillor, Penina Ita said in a speech read on her behalf at the event attended by nearly 30 villagers, that the day is aimed at highlighting the plight of all those who are starving.
It is also held to create awareness and understanding of food security and nutrition issues.
“In our quest to attain food security and nutrition, World Food Day further aims to celebrate the commitments made by governments in various regions as a response to the call by the United Nations Secretary-General towards attaining zero hunger in the world,” Ita said.
The councillor also stated that the interrelationship between climate change and agricultural practices should be adapted to ensure that food security is not compromised.
Climate change adaption and risk reduction are at the core of the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s work which targets livelihoods of rural populations to increase their resilience to risks, threats and crises associated with climate change.
Ita said that in Namibia, approximately 729 000 people in the rural areas have been affected by this year’s drought while 596 000 are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.
A total of 342 141 of those people live in the Khomas Region of which 22 254 are in the rural area, according to Ita.
To counter the drought, government introduced dry land crop plantation programmes which provide subsidised inputs and services to farmers in the crop-growing regions, Ita added.
At the same occasion, the regional council gave food products to the elderly and vulnerable community members of the village, situated some 67 kilometres south of Windhoek.
One of the recipients, Hilde Zaahl, expressed her gratitude over the donation, saying this proves that government is committed to fighting poverty.
“I hope government does this for all vulnerable people in Namibia,” she said.
John Robert van Wyk commended the donation as well, saying while this is a once-off contribution, he hopes that government and private companies will continue supporting the elderly and vulnerable communities.