Berseba Goliath clan to install Chief Fleermuys

21 Dec 2016 08:32am
KEETMANSHOOP, 19 DEC (NAMPA) – The Goliath clan of Berseba, also known as the /Khaua, will on 31 December coronate their leader Johannes Fleermuys as chief.
Festivities for the coronation will start on 28 December until 01 January, a statement by the clan said this week.
The group is an unrecognised faction regarded as a breakaway group in the Berseba Constituency.
Government recognises Chief Johannes Isaak of the /Hai-/Khaua Traditional Authority and Deputy Chief Stephanus Goliath in that constituency.
The Berseba community is bitterly divided among tribal, party and family lines.
The division between the Isaak and Goliath groups has persisted for over forty years with both disputing the leadership of the other.
The Goliath clan attempted to install Fleermuys as its chief in 2012, but this was stopped by the Isaak clan through a High Court order.
The order prohibited the Goliaths to crown a traditional leader on any ground or location of the Berseba Constituency.
This seems to have fallen on deaf ears as the coronation is set to happen on the defunct Ecumenical Community School grounds in Berseba, which is said to fall under the local authority. The statement referred to the venue as “Goliath Clan Grounds”.
An unnamed spokesperson told Nampa upon enquiry Monday that nothing would stand in the clan’s way to coronate their chief.
“We have waited long enough and we refuse to go into the next year without officially installing our chief.”
The statement invited all “proud and unwavering” clan members from all over the country as well as the Berseba communal areas such as Snyfontein, Ganigobes, Kameelrivier, Wasser and Soutput to attend the event.