Omusati governor investigates illegal land sales

16 Dec 2016 14:10pm
ONANDJABA, 16 DEC (NAMPA) – Governor of the Omusati Region, Erginus Endjala on Tuesday appointed a temporary five-member committee to investigate allegations that land is being illegally allocated at the Onandjaba settlement in the Okalongo Constituency.
Endjala made the appointment when he met with the community of that constituency at Onandjaba on the same day. He was accompanied by members of the Omusati Regional Council and senior officials from the regional planning directorate.
Members of the committee are from the Okalongo community.
They are Vilho Noni (chairperson), Nawela Ndaningina (deputy chairperson), Komomeya Lucas, Kaunapawa Shapenga and Seblon Hidengwa.
Ndaningina is from the Constituency Development Committee, Lucas from the Settlement Development Committee, Shapenga from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Hidengwa from the Traditional Authority.
The secretary to the committee will be from Endjala's office at Outapi.
“I want this committee to be honest and transparent,” Endjala said, adding that the same committee will conduct its investigations as per directives from his office.
The governor told those present that squabbles among the community members of Okalongo has resulted in a setback in the development of Onandjaba since the proclamation of the settlement some 19 years ago.
Endjala said he took note of the fear of competition between members of the business community which has given the impression that Onandjaba is a problematic settlement where residents have over the years accused each other of illegally acquiring land or plots.
He appealed to the inhabitants of the Okalongo Constituency to become more unified and to shun tribalism in the interest of the development of Onandjaba settlement.
A group that earlier this year staged a peaceful protest in front of the Omusati Regional Council offices accused the settlement administrative staff of corruptly allocating and selling plots.
The group demanded the removal of the settlement's Control Administrative Officer Amandus Kandowa.
Chairperson of the Omusati Regional Council, Modestus Amutse informed Nampa that the governor's committee is expected to complete its investigations over a period of two months.