Human trafficking pastor to spend Christmas in custody

15 Dec 2016 17:30pm
ONDANGWA, 15 DEC (NAMPA) – Pastor and founder of the Evangelical Mennonite Brethren Church in Namibia, Pedro Marcelino Moussongela will not be spending Christmas with his family as he might have wanted to, as his bail hearing has yet again been postponed.
Moussongela, 55, facing three charges of rape, kidnapping and human trafficking, appeared in the Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court on Monday and Tuesday, after a postponement from 24 October this year.
He was accused of kidnapping and trafficking his own and his late wife's children to Europe.
He was also accused of having incestuous relations with one of his children, out of which a child was born.
Moussongela appeared before Magistrate Jurina Hochobes, who postponed the bail hearing to 09 and 12 January 2017 for further cross examination, as State Prosecutor Dollien //Gowases fell ill and could not carry on after the first day of the three-day hearing.
During the witness cross examination, acting principal at the Mennonite Brethren Community Private School at Omafo in the Ohangwena Region, owned by the accused, Ngoie-A-Ngoie said that since Moussongela’s arrest, the school’s performance has gone down drastically while the dropout rate has increased too.
“We have all lost focus as we do not have a clear vision as to where exactly we are heading and this situation has caused so much chaos,” he said.
Ngoie added that the responsibility of acting principal is proving too challenging for him as he was never prepared to take on that role.
“I cannot handle this responsibility, it is not my vision to lead. Moussongela needs to come back and get the school back on the right track.”
The acting principal also said that apart from the school’s performance and number of students dropping drastically, the school also faced a shortage of finances to maintain both the academic side and hostel, more especially the orphanage.
“The children’s meals are no longer balanced as the government subsidies we used to receive every month was withdrawn since the accused’s arrest earlier this year and nobody from the Ministry (of Education) explained to us as to why this is the case,” he claimed.
Moussongela was represented by defence lawyer Tuwilika Shailemo of Inonge Mainga Attorneys.