Churches help to clean up Opuwo

15 Dec 2016 17:10pm
OPUWO, 15 DEC (NAMPA) – Various churches in Opuwo have committed to cleaning the regional capital every second month.
This was revealed to Nampa during an interview with Mayor Albert Tjiuma on Monday following a clean-up campaign at the town last week.
The Opuwo Christian Church, Church of the Nazarene, Uniting Reformed Church, Fill the Gap Ministries, Apostles, Followers of Christ and members of other churches participated in the clean-up.
Pastor Safoomundu Kalusha Petrus told Nampa they came together as churches and thought of cleaning the town as part of their social responsibility.
“We also thought that it will convince other members in society to do the same,” Petrus added.
According to Tjiuma the dirtiest areas in Opuwo are the Otuzemba and Ouranda settlements and the Epupa informal market.
Tjiuma said residents need to be made aware of how dangerous it is to live in unhygienic surroundings.
“Because of the lack of knowledge in this regard, people throw thrash everywhere and this is not only unhygienic, but also reflects negatively on the image of the town.”
Health Inspector at the Opuwo District Hospital, Barbara Kahiha blamed the situation on the town council.
“There is no waste management plan in the Opuwo Town Council and there are no adequate dust bins,” Kahiha told this news agency.
She also said the dump site is not fenced resulting in dirt being blown back into town by the wind.
Commenting on the Epupa informal market which according to Tjiuma is one of the dirtiest areas in Opuwo, Kahiha said there is a need for a fully-facilitated open market where vendors can trade.
“We don’t have public toilets in this town resulting in people sitting everywhere when nature calls,” a worried Kahiha said.
Asked to comment on the allegations, Tjiuma said the town council is planning to buy 200 dustbins to be distributed in the Otuzemba settlement and that plans are underway to sensitise the community on the health risks of living in an unhygienic environment.