Ipinge and Kahungu SPWC top two

11 Dec 2016 06:50am
KEETMANSHOOP, 12 DEC (NAMPA) – The seventh Swapo Party Women’s Council (SPWC) congress on Saturday elected Eunice Ipinge and Fransina Kahungu as secretary and deputy secretary respectively.
Attorney-General Sacky Shanghala declared the two candidates duly elected at nearly midnight on Saturday – more than 24 hours after congress delegates started voting.
A total of 557 delegates participated in the vote to elect the SPWC leadership for the next five years.
The congress also elected 37 members to complete its 53-member Central Committee (CC).
The secretary and deputy secretary and all 14 SPWC regional coordinators automatically qualify as CC members.
Four ballots were spoilt in the top two positions’ poll, while 63 were regarded as spoilt in the vote of the CC.
Voting started 21h00 Friday night and ended after 05h00 Saturday morning.
Counting and verification then took over 16 hours before the election results were released to tired and frustrated congress participants.
Though acknowledging the long wait, Shanghala dismissed any talk of officials possibly rigging elections.
“I have no intent or interest whatsoever to cook results,” he said.
Admitting to some other “mistakes” however, Shanghala said his election team tried its best to present a credible election.
“This congress was not perfectly organised, but it was free and fair. There were some mistakes, but we tried our best to rectify what we could,” he said.
The mistakes according to him on the ballot were misspelt candidate names, initially leaving out the name of a candidate, a duplication of a contender’s name, not listing a candidate’s name alphabetically and poor lighting in the voting area.
“I take full responsibility for my mistakes and those of the organisers and my advice is that we should start with joint technical planning for the next elections at least three months ahead of time.”
Ipinge won the SPWC secretary post with 249 points against 223 of Petrina Haingura and 81 for Sylvia Kandanga-Sheetekela.
Windhoek Deputy Mayor Kahungu won the deputy secretary position with 318 points over 130 for Bernadette Jagger and 105 for Katrina Liswani.
After the top two, the top three in the CC with the highest votes are Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana and Clara Bohitile.
Some of the former CC members who did not garner enough votes to remain in the CC are Jagger, Lucia Basson, Margaret Mensah-Williams and Maureen Hinda.
The SPWC Congress was held in Keetmanshoop from 07 to 10 December, under the theme, ‘Embracing 50/50 for prosperity beyond generations.’