City Police fed-up with ‘infidelity parks’

08 Oct 2013 08:30am
By Tjikunda Kulunga
WINDHOEK, 08 OCT (NAMPA) – The City Police have warned that people who fall victim to robbers while indulging in a bit of hanky panky at secluded spots around the capital, will be exposed to the public.
City Police Senior Superintendent Gerry Shikesho and City Police spokesperson Superintendent Helena Mootseng made this joint statement about the so-called ‘infidelity parks’ or ‘sexual hubs’ in an interview with Nampa on Monday, as they say they are becoming fed-up with such people wasting police resources.
On Saturday, this news agency was called to the scene by the police when a businessman was robbed of his wedding ring, chains and money by three men behind the Van Eck power station, but was not interested in opening a case with the police.
The man had been in the company of a young woman, whom he claimed had just been ‘passing by’ when she witnessed the robbery, hence her presence at the scene when the police arrived there.
The police are frequently called out to spots such as the riverbed behind the Van Eck power station, the bridge near the Brakwater weighbridge, a spot near Otjomuise on Sam Nujoma Drive and a number of other places where robbers attack couples whom they know are “occupied”.
According to Mootseng, these areas are also unsafe for people who are just looking for somewhere to walk their dogs, jog or seek some shade – which are some of the popular excuses given by robbery victims when they are questioned by the police as to their presence at a particular spot.
“The City Police attends to about five cases of robbery every week in these high-risk areas. Some of the victims are found totally stripped, as the robbers take all their belongings,” Shikesho noted.
He went on to state that the City Police are particularly concerned about these high-risk areas because in the past three years, three lives have been lost in similar cases.
None of the robberies or assaults at these notorious spots are usually reported for prosecution, and the matters are normally just reported for the purpose of insurance claims.
In some cases, the people involved in the robberies are married, and they just wish to obtain police statements to justify the alleged robbery to their wives and husbands.
“Besides the rate of crime being alarming in these areas, it has also become a nuisance for the City Police, as it wastes resources which could have been used elsewhere,” Mootseng said, adding that it is in particular a waste because cases do not proceed to court because of the compromised positions the victims find themselves in.
These cases are sometimes of a sensitive nature because the victims are married, while at times it also involves people making use of the services of prostitutes.
Mootseng reiterated that the City Police will start exposing such people.
“The City Police will start attending to crime scenes accompanied by the media to expose these people,” she stressed.
Shikesho, for his part, added that it is very disturbing to see that it is not young people who are involved in these matters, but people from the older generation, and sometimes prominent business people.
Many-a-times they just tell the police that they do not want to take the matter further because they fear being exposed.
In many cases, people also fall prey to the people they take to these areas as they are blackmailed.
The ‘lovers’ start demanding huge amounts of money which the victims are forced to pay or risk facing exposure, making them hostages of their own desires.
“People should just stop. It is a matter of life and death when the victims resist these robbers. It can easily result in them being killed, without anybody knowing who did it,” Shikesho noted.
Mootseng added that women especially are also at high risk when they are taken to secluded areas because sometimes they are attacked by the men whose company they are in.
She explained how a woman was taken to such a spot and then beaten up by her boyfriend, who left her tied to a tree naked, only for her to be found by six other men who then raped her.
Meanwhile, the City Police are also investigating links between sex workers who are thought to work with robbers.
They apparently deliberately take their customers to isolated areas for the robbers to strike, as they know the victim will not report the matter to the police.