Rehoboth woman pleads guilty to possession of cannabis

06 Dec 2016 13:20pm
REHOBOTH, 06 DEC (NAMPA) - A woman arrested for possession of cannabis in Rehoboth’s Block F, pleaded guilty to the charge here on Monday.
Belinda Forbes, 29, was arrested on Friday while in possession of a matchbox-sized parcel of cannabis.
Forbes appeared before Magistrate Salome Bampton.
In her mitigation plea, Forbes said she has two children aged four and six years and is unemployed. She asked the court to be lenient and to just issue a fine.
Bampton sentenced her to a fine of N.dollars 500 or one month imprisonment. Forbes posted bail.
She conducted her own defence, with Victor Mutumbulwa appearing for the State.
Forbes’s sister, Ronel Forbes who was arrested two weeks ago for possession of a mandrax tablet and cannabis, was granted bail of N.dollars 15 000 last Thursday on condition that she is not a suspect in a new drug-related case until the latest case is finalised.
Ronel was out on bail after she was arrested earlier this year for being found in possession of 60 mandrax tablets.
She was represented by Winnie Christiaans of Christiaans and Associates and her case was remanded to 18 January next year.
The two Forbes sisters were the second and third women respectively in recent weeks to be arrested for being in possession of drugs in Rehoboth. On 21 November, Bampton found Lizzet Bock guilty on a charge of unlawfully and illegally dealing in drugs. She was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment with six months suspended for five years on condition that she does not commit a similar offence. The other six months were to be served immediately.