House of Democracy celebratres second anniversary

01 Dec 2016 10:20am
WINDHOEK, 01 DEC (NAMPA) – Corruption cases should not be used to settle scores or to smear people’s images as it defeats the purpose of good governance, Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Peya Mushelenga has said.
Mushelenga made the remarks at the second anniversary celebration of the House of Democracy on Tuesday. The event was held under the theme ‘The Role of civil society organisations in strengthening good governance in Namibia’.
“At times, non-existent practices are reported to deliberately smear the names of innocent individuals; allegations can dangerously create wrong perceptions that have implications for the country’s image,” he stated.
The House of Democracy, which houses the Namibia Institute of Democracy, serves as a hub for cooperation among civil society to bring together some of Namibia’s dynamic civil society organisations with complementary mandates in the field of democracy and good governance.
Mushelenga said civil society comprises mainly of non-governmental organisations covering various sectors and interest groups, independent of government, therefore, the role of civil society includes watchdog functions, holding public institutions accountable, promoting transparency and accountability to achieve good governance.
Indicators for good governance include participation, transparency, the rule of law and responsiveness, while the key to good corporate governance adds service delivery to the list.
Civil society is also responsible for the advocacy function of raising awareness of social issues and challenges affecting the public, and service provision aimed at meeting public needs in areas of education, health, food security and disaster management.
“Civil society must also lead by example and examine the good governance practices among themselves,” Mushelenga stated.