Knives, spears and pangas found during Otjiwarongo patrol

08 Oct 2013 04:50am
OTJIWARONGO, 08 OCT (NAMPA) – A variety of knives, screwdrivers and spears were confiscated from Otjiwarongo residents over the weekend by members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol).
The Otjozondjupa Police Public Relations’ Officer, Sergeant Maureen Mbeha told Nampa on Tuesday that the sharp objects were mostly confiscated from young men found walking in the streets of the town at night.
“It was during our night street patrols in the Orwetoveni residential area as well as around the central business district (CBD) of Otjiwarongo that we discovered that almost each and every man who walked in the streets had a knife, screwdriver, axe, panga or a spear,” charged Mbeha.
She said the police then started body-searching every person who was walking in the streets late at night.
The estimated value of the confiscated sharp objects was N.dollars 3 630.
The police did not arrest any person who was found with any of the sharp objects because they were not linked to any crime, nor suspected to have committed a crime.
Mbeha said crimes in the country are on increase because citizens have freedom and access to weapons, which in most cases are used to commit armed robberies, murders, stabbings and housebreakings.
The Otjozondjupa police spokesperson also questioned what a person would use a bolt-cutter, a modified panga, levers, axes and harmers for late at night while claiming to be walking back home.
Other items confiscated included remote controls for gates, hand-gloves and pairs of scissors.
Mbeha thus warned all young men and boys in the region to refrain from carrying sharp objects, and committing crimes.