Successful ProNet Business Management Training takes off in Ongwediva

October 8, 2013, 2:51am
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Organised in cooperation by NCCI Northern Branch, the Ongwediva Town Council and ProNet Namibia the third run of the meanwhile legendary Business Management Training started out last week in Ongwediva. The successful course is aimed to furnish SME owners and executives from all industrial sectors with hands-on practical support to enforce productivity and profitability in their respective enterprises.

During the first 4-days intervention the 19 courageous participants have taken the opportunity to examine their businesses in a comprehensive Business Health Check and review their own production management capacity. The ProNet Namibia Trainers Mrs Miriam Hikumwah and Mrs Ruth Shikongo navigated the group with a steady and secure hand through the concepts of Profitability, Cost & Price Lever, Competitor Assessment and Efficiency & Effectiveness. Thereby they focused on providing the participants with a clear understanding of the present situation in their own enterprise and the key significance of profit as the overriding objective and necessity to sustain it. In this framework the various factors influencing a business’s capacity to generate profit were carefully disaggregated and pictured in their effect. Also issues like the Business Strategy, Factory Layout Planning, and Alternative Production Organisations were developed and applied in various tasks and case studies.

The outstanding feature of the ProNet course is its experiential training method whereby both theory and application are studied and practised until each delegate can implement the new insights and skills in his/her own business. During the whole training the theoretical concepts are instantly applied in group-works to two sample businesses, which provided the participants with a direct link from business theory to their own day-to-day practice. The outcomes of the group-works are then presented and jointly scrutinised for their feasibility. This interactive methodology of the training underpins its hands-on character as well as its aim to directly and significantly improve the management and decision-making capacity of the participants. In addition, challenging the participants with practical exercises boosts their motivation and stimulates their sometimes hidden innovative power to tackle their real live business obstacles. At the end of the 4th days, the participants unanimously were delighted and some even admitted to have experienced a real eye-opener.

Now we are all looking forward to the next intervention of the ProNet Business Management Training form 21-24 October, which then will attack the subjects of Resource Management and Product Development. By the way, for interested SME owners and executives there is still the chance to jump on the train and enrol for the next session! Please contact your NCCI Office in Ongwediva for more information.


Issued on behalf of NCCI by:

Hertha Munkundi-Uushona

Branch Manager NCCI Northern Branch