Outjo strives for effective service delivery

20 Nov 2016 17:00pm
OUTJO, 20 NOV (NAMPA) - Outjo Municipality on Friday launched its five-year Strategic Plan aimed at effective and efficient service delivery to the public.
Speaking at an event witnessed by municipality staff and six other fellow local authority councillors, Outjo Mayor Marius Sheya said the launch of this document marks the beginning of journey towards better service delivery.
“For me to launch this document, it means a start of a new journey aimed at effective and efficient service delivery to the general public of this town.”
He said the Strategic Plan will end in 2021, and all the outlined aims and objectives of the municipality must be achieved before that year.
As per plan, the municipality wants Outjo to have a vocational skills development centre established at the town.
Sheya said discussions with the leadership of the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) had already started.
Other proposals contained in the plan include the expansion and upgrading of the Outjo Aerodrome at the airport, the laying of interlocks and a concrete walkway on shoulder roads around Outjo, and lavatories at the old Outjo Cemetery by 2021.
The mayor said the municipality will also formalise some informal settlements in Etoshapoort residential area.
Shortly after the official launch of the Outjo Strategic Plan, Sheya commissioned a new fleet of vehicles for the municipality.
He said seven new vehicles were bought at a cost of over N.dollars 5 million.
The vehicles include a Toyota 2.8 Double Cab allocated for official trips of the local authority councillors, a Volkswagen (VW) Polo Vivo for administrative activities, and five Nissan pickups for field and technical municipality workers.
Sheya said the existing 12 vehicles bought in 1985 were old for the municipality to successfully implement its newly launched Strategic Plan.
The municipality has 105 workers including the Chief Executive Officer, Josef /Urib.