Chief Zeraeua wants medical aid for traditional leaders

07 Oct 2013 07:40
OMARURU, 07 OCT (NAMPA) - The chief of the Zeraeua Traditional Authority on Sunday called on Government to provide free medical aid to traditional authority leaders.
“It is good for us as traditional leaders to be healthy and effective in administering traditional matters at our constituencies in the country,” Chief Manasse Zeraeua said at the 87th annual White Flag Day commemoration at Omaruru.
Chief Zeraeua succeeded his father, Chief Christian Eerike Zeraeua, during September 2012.
His father died in January 2012 in the Omaruru State Hospital after battling diabetes and high blood pressure for a long time.
The chief noted that most Namibian traditional leaders are senior citizens with no employment to enable them to secure medical aid on their own.
“I have medical aid now because I work for Government, but once I retire from Government, I will lose it and, therefore, I see troubles coming in my health (situation),” he stated.
There are more than 50 recognised traditional authorities in Namibia, and a number of applications for recognition are reviewed by the Council of Traditional Leaders every year.
Traditional authorities fall under the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development.