All eyes on Courage

November 16, 2016, 12:57pm

The highly anticipated first ever one-man comedy show in the capital, ‘The Nambabwean’, is set to roar to life this coming Friday at the National Arts Theatre kick-starting at 20h00, The Villager Entertainment can announce.

The Zimbabwean-born and bred artist, Courage the Comedian, promised to give a spirited performance likely to leave many comedy lovers in stitches in an interview with The Villager.

“I refer to myself as being biologically and educationally born Zimbabwean but then as a comic I was born Namibian because my comedy career was discovered here” he said.

The Nambabwean show will be focusing on Courage’s personal experiences in a foreign country like Namibia.

He will also be giving hilarious responses to questions regarding  Zimbabweans and various stereotypes such as witchcraft, while the comedian will also entertain the audience with funny reasons why nationals from his original country have names such as Faithful, Trust and even Courage.

“Comedy lovers should expect to know me better at this coming show. I will be going in depth about myself. I am more of a personal comic. I talk about myself, what I experience and hear and also give advice,” he said before adding, “I took from different other comics to come up with a style of my own thus this upcoming show will have a unique and classical style.”

He also said, “I am also going to tell Namibians about themselves from a foreigner’s point of view. I will interpret what Namibians do, things such as eating frogs. The focus is all on globalization because what might be fine for me and you might not be fine for the next person.”

Courage further told The Villager that this show is going to be recorded on a DVD that he plans to take to the international market.

His most selling points for the DVD is South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia but he quickly quips: “ basically it’s going to go everywhere by virtue of me being Zimbabwean and Zimbabweans being famous for being everywhere. I best believe it’s going to reach most if not all corners of the world.”

The comedian has gone to become one of the biggest stand-up comedians in Namibia and has won awards such as Last Comic standing 2011 and Male comedian of the Year in 2014.

He got introduced to comedy in 2011 by a class mate, Keith Nkosi who was having an arts marketing project.

His plan was to become a comedian just for that project but having taken only a week into it, he was discovered by one of “Free Your Mind” stand-up comedy founders, Slick the Dick who also happens to be one of Namibia’s top comics.

To date he is known as the First ‘Last Comic Standing and since then Courage the Comedian never turned back and having appeared in more than 40 shows, he has developed his talent and started including improvisation in his sets.

The talented humorist has performed alongside International comedians such as Anne Kansiime as C-Square where he curtain raised for her when she was in Windhoek.

 He has also performed alongside the greats like Chris Mapane in November of 2015 at Protea Fire and Ice Hotel for the #Jozicomedy