CORRECTION: Shaningwa gets tough with contractors

13 Nov 2016 21:50pm
CORRECTION: The contractors will build the houses at their own cost. Please see correction in sixth para.

WALVIS BAY, 12 NOV (NAMPA) - Urban and Rural Development Minister Sophia Shaningwa has said contractors of government housing projects will be fired for underperforming or delivering poor quality structures.
She said this at a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of 44 houses at Walvis Bay on Friday.
“I want the houses completed before July next year. If you cannot do that then consider yourself out, we do not have time to waste - people want houses,” said the minister.
The houses are being constructed in Kuisebmond Extension 5 and are the first of 900 houses planned by the municipality and the Urban and Rural Development Ministry.
All 900 erven where the houses will be constructed are already serviced.
The municipality has selected 22 Namibian construction companies, who will each build two houses at their own cost.
The contractors include Erongo Econo Bricks, JJD Earthmoving Onghoshi Construction, Linus Building Construction, Ehangano Building Construction and Small Boy Construction.
The municipality will recover their money by selling the houses to those on its waiting list.
Shaningwa explained that this will be considered a trial period for the contractors. Those whose houses are considered to be of good quality will be allowed to build more houses under the same project.
“Please build quality affordable houses, which can be financed by banks. We want people to have a variety of houses where they can choose the ones they can afford,” she said.
Shaningwa noted that it is hurtful to see people renting accommodation at exorbitant prices even though they qualify to own their own houses.
“We cannot sit in our offices peacefully when our people have no houses, we need to think outside the box. This situation can no longer continue like this.”
The minister urged would-be buyers to save money to enable them to buy the houses once they become available.
She also requested the commercial banks in Namibia to be ready to lend money to those who want to buy houses.