Businesspeople hail Invest in Namibia conference

12 Nov 2016 06:50am
WINDHOEK, 12 NOV (NAMPA) – Participants at the just-ended Invest in Namibia international conference have described the event as a success and an ideal platform for business ventures.
In various interviews with Nampa, participants hailed the conference as having served its purpose of linking local businesses with international investors.
Ismail Vadi from Gauteng Province on Wednesday described the conference as having been successful, noting that it had a clear focus and vision.
“We came to see for the first time the possibility of business partnership and relations with people and government of Namibia,” he said.
Vadi, who is member of the Executive Council of Gauteng Province, stressed that the Namibian government’s vision is clear and it encourages potential South African investors, especially those from Gauteng, to continue strengthening the working relations between cities of the two countries.
A local businesswoman from All Power Systems, Tjuna Kauapirura said the event was informative and provided relevant information in the area of renewable energy.
She said the event was great for networking with counterparts from different countries.
“I wish there was enough networking opportunity in the area of renewable energy in order to learn from each other in the energy sector.”
Kauapirura said they have found a potential foreign investor, however, it is not yet confirmed as discussions are still on.
Another local businesswoman from Namibia Millennial, Vanessa Bohitile said the conference has created a platform for her to network with business people from different countries and create business relations.
“We found several potential investors, however, we have to continue with engagements,” she said.
Another participant from Mozambique, Sergio Macamo said his expectations were met by far as he also had the opportunity to attend the Invest in Namibia conference in South Africa on 06 October 2016.
“We want to enhance our bilateral trade and cooperation with Namibia. We are also looking for Namibian people who want to invest in our country,” he said.
Macamo stressed that he is keen to learn more about projects in the area of energy and infrastructure, especially in the construction of low-cost housing, as most Mozambique business people are interested in such areas.
The two-day conference was organised by the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, under the theme ‘Promoting investment for inclusive growth and industrialisation'.
More than 1 700 participants attended it.