Motorists asked to inform police of changes in car colour

10 Nov 2016 16:50pm
WINDHOEK, 10 NOV (NAMPA) – Motorists should not change the colour of their vehicles without making prior arrangements with the City Police's traffic division.
The City Police's Community and Public Relations officer, Fabian Amukwelele issued the appeal in a media statement availed to Nampa on Thursday.
It said the City Police’s traffic officers have noticed that people change the colour of their vehicles or replace the engines of the vehicles without following the procedures as per the licencing of motor vehicles regulation in the Road Traffic and Transport Regulations of 2001.
When the colour of a motor vehicle is changed or the engine is replaced, the owner of such motor vehicle should notify the appropriate registering authority of the change or the replacement within 21 days after the change. The notification must be accompanied by a police clearance certificate of the motor vehicle concerned.
“For the purposes of this regulation, 'colour' means the main colour of the body of a motor vehicle, viewed from the outside,” he said.
Failure to comply with this regulation will lead to the vehicle being deemed unfit to be used on a public road, resulting in the suspension of the vehicle.
“It’s not only a legal requirement but also a crime prevention issue as criminals often resort to changing the colour of the vehicle in order to evade the authorities after committing a crime,” Amukwelele said.