Okahandja serial rapist gets 28 years

10 Nov 2016 15:30pm
WINDHOEK, 10 NOV (NAMPA) – An Okahandja resident found guilty of violently attacking and sexually assaulting three minor girls in September 2010, was on Thursday sentenced to 28 years’ imprisonment.
The 24-year-old Rudolf Goagoseb was on 20 October 2016 found guilty on five counts of rape, one count of attempted murder and a count of common assault.
On the first three counts of rape, Goagoseb was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment for each count.
He was sentenced to 16 and 20 years’ imprisonment on the last two counts of rape, respectively.
It was ordered that four of the 20 years’ imprisonment imposed on the last count of rape be suspended for a period of five years on the condition that Goagoseb is not convicted of any offence of rape or attempted rape during the period of suspension.
He received a prison term of five years on the count of attempted murder and six months’ for the count of common assault.
The court ordered that 12 years of the sentence of count one of rape; 12 years of the sentence of count two of rape; 12 years of the sentence of count three of rape; 13 years of the sentence of count four of rape; the whole sentence of the attempted murder count as well as the whole sentence of the count of common assault, should run concurrently with the sentence imposed on the last count of rape, for which Goagoseb was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment.
He was thus sentenced to an effective total of 28 years’ imprisonment.
Acting High Court Judge Boas Usiku handed down the sentence Thursday morning.
Goagoseb was found guilty and sentenced after prosecution representative, State Advocate Palmer Khumalo proved the State’s case beyond reasonable doubt that Goagoseb sexually assaulted the three minors at Okahandja on 29 September 2010.
It was also proved beyond reasonable doubt before court that the then 18-year-old Goagoseb attempted to kill one of the victims when he twisted her neck and placed a T-shirt over her mouth and nose, thus making it difficult for her to breathe.
He raped two of the minor girls twice.
He was arrested shortly after he sexually violated the three schoolgirls, aged between 12 and 14.
Evidence presented during the trial showed that Goagoseb attacked the girls while they were walking through a bushy area near Okahandja's Nau-Aib residential area.
Armed with a piece of a broken bottle, he threatened the girls and tied their hands before forcing them to perform sexual acts on him.
He then raped the 12-year-old girl, who was found naked and bleeding. The girl had to receive medical treatment at the Okahandja State Hospital for the injuries she sustained.
Government-funded defence lawyer, Titus Ipumbu represented the jailed Goagoseb.