CORRECTION: Kaujova wants locals employed first

09 Nov 2016 09:30am
CORRECTING NAME AND ORIGIN OF COMPANY IN SIXTH PARAGRAPH FROM “South African company, Lilhon & Gibbs Investment CC” TO “Namibian-based company LITHON/GIBB Joint Venture Consultants”.

SESFONTEIN, 06 NOV (NAMPA) – Sesfontein Constituency Councillor, Julius Kaujova has urged contractors doing development projects in the Kunene Region to prioritise local people for employment.
Kaujova, who is also the chairperson of the Kunene Regional Council, was referring to the construction of a tarred road between Sesfontein and Opuwo. He was speaking at a funeral on Saturday and used the platform to share some information with the community members present.
John //Khamuseb, advisor to the Kunene regional governor, on Sunday echoed Kaujova’s sentiment to Nampa, saying companies should not bring people from outside the region for jobs that can be performed by local people.
Director of the Hizetjiwa Indigenous People’s Organisation (HIPO), Tjikunda Kulunga told Nampa on Sunday that using locals will not only help put bread on their tables but will equip them with knowledge to use in future.
“We have to equip our people especially those of the marginalised communities with knowledge that will pull them into the mainstream economy.”
Construction of the C43 tarred road will start next April.
Kaujova told this agency that a Namibian company, Lithon/GIBB Joint Venture Consultants, has been contracted to do both the design and construction of the road.
He, however, raised concern that villagers remove signs put up by the surveyors during the design process.
“Please do not remove the signs and poles as this will derail the construction of the road which will boost development in our region,” Kaujova cautioned.
Sesfontein is situated 150 kilometres southwest of Opuwo.
Tourists use the C43 road frequently and having it upgradeD and tarred will make driving to the surrounding natural tourist attractions quicker and easier.
Kaujova said tarring the road will not only smoothen travelling between the two places but will also increase the circulation of money in the constituencies through which the road passes as more people will be using it.