Irate boxing promoters slam boxing board

08 Nov 2016 19:00pm
WINDHOEK, 08 NOV (NAMPA) – Three top boxing promoters Tuesday slammed the Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB) with allegations of favouritism and non-professionalism among the recently appointed board.
At a media briefing, Iron Lady Promotions, Kinda Promotions and the Nestor Tobias Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy came out guns blazing, saying the current board appointed in September by Minister of Sports, Youth and National Service, Jerry Ekandjo is acting out of order on various issues.
Amongst the allegations is that Board Chairperson, Ellison Hijarunguru and his board do not treat all promoters the same, as they say some promoters are allowed to deposit sanctioning fees a day or two after fights, while others have their fights cancelled because they did not deposit the sanctioning fee 14 days before the fights.
“In Namibia, sports’ funding is non-existent so to say, so we all struggle to raise funds as boxing bouts are expensive. Our regulator is being insensitive and does not have the interest of sports at heart,” Nestor Tobias of the Nestor Tobias Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy said.
He said the board must be flexible to allow the promoters to raise funds.
Anita Tjombe, the owner of Iron Lady Promotions, said Hijarunguru is being unprofessional and inconsistent in his handling of local boxing affairs.
She said he recently used language with a sexist undertone towards her when she called him to seek verification on issues related to a boxing tournament she is supposed to host 29 November.
“Such behaviour is unacceptable and I demand a public apology,” said a visibly irate Tjombe.
Kinda Nangolo of Kinda Promotions said the chairperson personally swindled him out of over N.dollars 75 000.
“Call him and ask him how much he owes Kinda Promotions. When I demanded the money, he threatened to suspend my licence,” said Nangolo.
They said the current board recently lifted the suspension of Salute Boxing Academy citing lack of evidence, while Hijarunguru had apparently witnessed an assault by Salute Boxing Academy owner, Kiriata Kamanya.
The previous board suspended Kamanya's licence on 26 July 2016, following reports that a boxing bonanza hosted by Salute Boxing in Walvis Bay a month earlier had turned nasty.
According to the suspension letter, the board charged that Kamanya, in his capacity as “holder of certificate as promoter conducted himself in a violent and reprehensible manner”.
Tobias expressed his surprise that the new board had apparently introduced several new “rules or polices” which was never discussed with stakeholders.
These apparently include the board demanding to know how and how much promoters will pay visiting boxers.
Tjombe said the board said it has produced a new policy to govern the sports, but none of the major stakeholders were consulted.
“For example, everything now goes through the board chairperson, instead of Chief Administrator, Joe Kaperu,” she charged.
Repeated attempts to contact Kaperu and Hijarunguru for comment were unsuccessful as their cell phones went unanswered.