Oshakati Town Council to continue impounding livestock

06 Oct 2013 06:00
OSHAKATI, 06 OCT (NAMPA) - The Oshakati Town Council (OTC) has once again called on cattle owners to refrain from letting their livestock graze in town in order to avoid the impounding of their animals.
Oshakati deputy mayor Ndamononghenda Hamunyela issued this warning whilst addressing residents who participated in the annual mass cleaning campaign held at the town on Saturday.
Hamunyela said allowing cattle to graze within the town boundaries is not only unhygienic, but also poses risks to traffic.
“The council is aware, with sympathy, of the drought situation, but the drought should not be used as an excuse for the cattle to graze in town,” he said.
The OTC was recently accused by local livestock owners of keeping livestock in its impounding kraal without providing sufficient fodder and water for the animals.
Hamunyela however indicated that the OTC will continue impounding cattle found within the town boundaries.
He also urged residents to refrain from disposing of rubbish in open spaces, urging them to keep their private property neat and tidy by making use of the dustbins provided by the town council.
Castle Brewing Namibia donated 3 000 plastic refuse bags for the clean-up campaign, as well as two computers and printers each for the cleanest schools at the town.
Oshakati West Primary School and Cabatana Private School, as Oshakati’s cleanest schools, received a computer and printer each.
“The clean-up campaign presents paramount opportunities for the community to appreciate the Namibian landscape and understand the impact of littering on the environment,” said Lemmy Shapopi, who represented Castle Brewing Namibia at the clean-up campaign.
The campaign commenced early on Saturday morning and ended with an official closing ceremony shortly after midday.