Prison break at Windhoek Maximum Prison

October 6, 2013, 5:15 am

Villagers, three dangerous criminals escaped from Windhoek’s Maximum Prison last night.
A massive police manhunt will comments within minutes across Windhoek and all the entry and exit points as law enforcement officers seek to apprehend the dangerous prisoners, the Beukes brothers, Sylvester and Gavin.
The third fugitive is yet to be identified, but The Villager suspects he is the man who killed a City Police Officer in Hochland Park.
In 2011, the Beukes brothers were found guilty of the massacre of eight people at the farm Kareeboomvloer, near Rehoboth.

Sylvester Beukes, who executed the Erasmus couple and the six people at the farm between Rehoboth and Kalkrand in March 2005, has been locked up with his brother in Unit 7, for murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, housebreaking, arson and unlawful possession of a fire arm and ammunition.
Gavin was found guilty of common purpose on all the charges.

In the picture, Sylvester (third from left), and Gavin (fourth from left) when they appeared in court in 2011.
Police are trying to keep the matter low profile to avoid alerting people who may think of aiding the convicts.