New cars for //Kharas Regional Council

04 Nov 2016 10:30am
KEETMANSHOOP, 04 NOV (NAMPA) – The //Kharas Regional Council on Thursday took possession of a fleet of eight vehicles it is leasing from a private company at a cost of N.dollars 87 000 per month.
The council will pay slightly over N.dollars 3 million to the Windhoek-based Eqstra Fleet Management over the contract period of three years.
Chief Regional Officer, Saul Kahuika handed over the keys of the cars to Transport Officer, Meliza Bezuidenhoudt and urged council staff to properly care for the vehicles.
“The purpose of the fleet is to improve services. We must improve at least one life of one Namibian each time a car goes out. If not, then don’t go out at all.”
Kahuika said the exercise of diligence was of utmost importance in light of the financial crises faced by the country.
“It is cheaper to lease the cars than to purchase them. We were told to cut 10 per cent on capital projects and to make sure we work with our resources prudently so as to last until the end of the financial year.”
The construction of a building for the Koës Village Council is one capital project that had to be abandoned due to the budget cuts by Government
The cars, mostly Toyota pickups, are fitted with a tracking system.
Kahuika warned that the drivers of the cars will be monitored and those misusing the vehicles will be exposed and brought to book through the disciplinary processes.